PhD contract job profile – 2024-2027

PhD contract job profile – 2024-2027

Supporting in-home care for older people in France and Japan: How can we reconcile the preference for homecare with the implementation of a homecare policy? of economically, socially and ethically sustainable solutions in the digital age?

It aims at addressing the challenges of aging and dependency, particularly focusing on the preference for home care over nursing homes. It wants to highlight issues such as access to care, social isolation, and the potential role of digital technologies in mitigating these challenges. The main objective is to promote innovation that allows older individuals to maintain autonomy while receiving quality care at home, while also adhering to ethical and legal guidelines regarding health data. The research hypotheses emphasize the importance of empowering older people, ensuring their ability to move freely, make decisions, and engage socially. The methodology involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining ethnographic observations with systemic analysis, and includes a comparison between France and Japan to explore different approaches to aging, healthcare, and digital innovation.

This PhD research project is part of INNOVCARE ( ): Care-led innovation – the case of eldercare in Japan and in France.

Laboratory: Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Social Issues – IRIS CNRS Inserm EHESS USPN
Discipline: Public Health
Supervisor: Thomas Lefèvre (USPN) co-supervised with Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS)
Contact: ; ;
Research areas: sociology (qualitative and quantitative); public health; health economics
Key words: innovation; care; autonomy; ageing; digital; social gerontology

Job offer

  • 15 March 2024: launch of the call for applications; receipt of applications
  • From 15 April 2024: organisation of candidate auditions (preferably in Aubervilliers on the Condorcet campus, by video if not possible).
  • 2 May 2024: selection of the candidate and preparation of the application for the audition by the Doctoral School (ED)
  • During May 2024 (date not yet fixed): audition of the candidate by the ED
  • Results in June 2024
  • October 2024: start of thesis
  • Spring-summer 2025: on the ground in Japan

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