INNOVCARE – 1st Annual Forum

16 December 2021 | 9.00 – 13.30 (France time) | 17.00 – 21.30 (Japan time)

The increase in human longevity and the ageing of the population constitute a major challenge for our societies. One of the key issues concerns the care of elderly people who are facing a loss of autonomy. In this field, if the contribution of technologies (such as robotics, artificial intelligence, information and communication technologies) is recognized as an answer, it is also marked by certain limits, partly revealed by the Covid-19 crisis. Our hypothesis is that this is a structural problem linked to the partial disconnection between social needs and technological responses, in connection with the dominant paradigm of innovation. The objective of the project is to develop an alternative concept of care-driven innovation. Through a multidisciplinary Franco-Japanese collaboration, we analyze policies and practices that make well-being the ultimate criterion for innovation.

  • Participants: Susanne Brucksch (DIJ), Aurélie Damamme (Université Paris 8, CRESPPA), Aline Désesquelles (INED), Olivier Giraud (CNRS, LISE), Yasuyuki Gondo (Osaka University), Anne-Marie Guillemard (Université Paris Descartes Sorbonne), Boris Hauray (INSERM, IRIS), Helena Hirata (CNRS, CRESPPA), Miwako Honda (Tokyo Medical Center), Nao Kinoshita (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan), Naonori Kodate (University College Dublin), Sébastien Lechevalier (FFJ-EHESS), Prisca Lucas (Gérond’if), Atsushi Nakazawa (Kyoto University), Toshiyuki Ojima (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine), Anne-Sophie Rigaud (Université de Paris and AP-HP), Yasuhiko Saito (Nihon University), Katsunori Shimohara (Doshisha University), Loïc Trabut (INED), James Wright (The Alan Turing Institute)

In partnership with INED. With the support of the Japan Foundation, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord and the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO)

1st Annual Forum Program


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